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Wuu-rri Vending - Empowering Indigenous Enterprise Award

AWARD Description

This category recognises an organisation’s commitment to empowering Indigenous enterprise through outstanding performance as a Wuu-rri Vending program partner.

Award Eligibility: This award category is limited to participants of the Wuu-rri Vending Program. Please note that nominations will not be accepted for this category, instead winner(s) will be selected from annual performance for the period immediately preceding the ICF 2023.

About the awards

The Summit Awards showcase and celebrate leadership and outstanding achievements by businesses, government departments, agencies, and individuals. Category nominations will be judged on their contribution to economic outcomes for Indigenous people and communities in NSW, through the growth of Indigenous owned businesses and their engagement in government and industry supply chains and the employment and career advancement of Indigenous people.

Entering The Summit Awards is a rewarding experience. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the goals, strategies, and the vision that has shaped your success, and the insights you gain help drive personal and organisational growth and leadership.

Winning awards often opens the door to new markets, broader networks and raises your business or personal brand within your sector or industry and among your peers.

Submissions for 2023 have now closed

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